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Learn how your users interact with your store locator with useful customer behavior analytics. What are your popular branches? Are your locations too far from your customers?

Keep everything in sync

We let you import your locations through an Excel/CSV file and keep them sync with Google Spreadsheets. Update your locations there and the changes will be reflected on your store locator.

Our store locator, your style

We can customize the design of your store locator to fully match your brand style. Layouts, themes, colors, markers and text. Everything can be changed.

Beautifully designed map styles

Make your store locator unique by selecting the map style you like more. It's easy as one click. We have tons of beautiful map styles ready for you.

Works great on any device

Make your visitors life easier and they'll be more likely to become your customers. Most of your visitors probably come from mobile devices and our store locator is optimized for any device.

Search filters

Help your customers find what they want. Tag your locations with search filters and let your customers filter narrow their search.

StoreRocket Features

Included in all plans

Quick Setup

The average time needed to install our store locator is usually less than 2 minutes.

Opening Hours

Show if your locations are open or closed in real time. You can also create reusable opening hours to assign to multiple locations.

Brand consistency

Our store locator has flexible customization tools that lets you integrate it seamlessly into your website.

Unlimited Traffic

Relax. Forget about pageviews and visits. Our store locators support unlimited traffic! You can have peace of mind.

Automatic geolocation

Show the locations nearby the user with our geolocation option.

Developer Friendly

We are developers too! We know what you need in order to be happy. Custom CSS, bulk actions, REST API..

Live Support

Don't have to wait days before getting a reply. Chat with us and we'll get back to you really soon.

Exhaustive Documentation

We always try to make our documentation as exhaustive as possible. And if that is not enough, we are one message away.

Easy to use interface

Our dashboard is easy and intuitive to use. Worth to mention that it also looks stunning!

Global reach

Add your locations and they will be visible all over the world.

Bulk import and export

We built tools to help you manage thousands and thousands of locations!

Address autocompletion

Our address autocompletion feature helps your website visitors to pick the address near them.

Search filters

Search Filters are used to narrow down the locations search. Add them to help your visitors find more easily what they are looking for.

Custom Markers

Add extra details to your locations with our custom fields and add search filters to help your visitors to find what they want.

Custom fields

Add extra details to your locations with our custom fields and add search filters to help your visitors to find what they want.

Mobile Optimization

Nowadays, having a responsive store locator optimized for all devices is mandatory. StoreRocket is fully responsive.

Universal Support

Our store locator app is compatible with any platform you might be using. WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, Squarespace, you name it. We got everything covered.

Transparent pricing

Simple and flexible pricing for everyone. No setup fees, no hidden costs. We love transparency.